Before we purchased the Apple Bin Inn on New Year’s Eve 2015 (December 31, 2015), we knew it was time for a new chapter in our lives.  We attended a seminar titled Aspiring Innkeepers Workshop hosted by Pennsylvania Association of Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers (PABBI) in State College, PA.  At this seminar we gained an extensive amount of insight into the Bed and Breakfast world.  One of the statements made at this seminar was that the average expectancy of bed and breakfast ownership was to be in the business between 5-7 years.  That was surprising to us since many of the innkeepers that we knew were in the business well over 10-15 years.  Here we are, over 5 years later, and in the time period where we should be examining our exit from inn keeping. Another point that was made at the workshop was, never wait until you are ready to leave the business, do it well in advance.  The reason for this is because bed and breakfast ownership is a unique world and just the right folks need to come along and be present for the privilege of participating inside this magical place. 

In October of 2018, Tom was fortunate enough to be offered and accepted an opportunity in his career (Tom has always held a full time job outside of the B&B world) where he would advance and be offered extensive travel.  As you could imagine, this opportunity takes him away from the Apple Bin Inn a good majority of his time, leaving all of the responsibilities to fall on Karen as chief cook and bottle washer (along with wearing many other hats). 

Why are we telling you this information? After 5 years as innkeepers at 2835 Willow Street Pike, Simpson Dream Enterprises, Inc. (that’s us, Karen & Tom) dba the Apple Bin Inn, has now entered into a contract to change ownership of our wonderful bed and breakfast.  We are giving you the back story to let you know why we would even consider selling the Apple Bin Inn.  Many of our return guests have been here over the course of the past several months since Tom accepted this opportunity and understand just what it takes to run a successful Inn.  We jumped into this venture with both feet and gave it all we had, as it should be.  In our opinion, the best part of inn keeping is the guests.  Meeting new people and welcoming back return visitors brings us into each of your lives.  In the short five years we have been part of the Apple Bin Inn, you have brought with you and shared a piece of your lives and the lives of your families to us in Lancaster County.  We are eternally grateful for allowing us to join you in this realm of your worlds.  The transition is becoming bittersweet.  We are leaving during this unusual time of a pandemic where many businesses are ending because of the virus.  This is not the case for us.  Apple Bin Inn was actually put on the real estate market before the COVID-19 virus burdened our world and the lives of each human being on Earth. 

The Inn is considered a service that is essential, we made several adjustments to our accommodations and remained opened, continuing to do so through this unusual time.  We have made our establishment available for essential workers who have come to the area to assist in healthcare, as well as other areas of service needed to combat the virus.  There have been many nights and weekends where we have been without guests and it has been very quiet. We have also welcomed many visitors who have been stressed and just needed to escape the madness for a brief time.  Examples of this are a single mom and her two children who just needed to get out the city and find a quiet place while remaining safe for a few days…or the couple who met up at our Inn with their adult son and his girlfriend to enjoy the outdoors and learn to fish the Susquehanna River…and the seniors who wanted to visit their senior friends from our neighboring retirement community, they joined us a few times – what a delightful couple! We so enjoyed hearing all the stories and adventures everyone has brought to us.  We have a very special group of folks that visit us every March and October, sometimes even December for a Christmas Tour.  In fact, March of 2020, we were blessed to have joined the Apple Bin Inn’s longest running return visitors for dinner right before the planet came to a screeching halt.  We have missed seeing them in October and again March  2021 since it is still not safe.   We will truly miss this aspect of being innkeepers.  The best of both worlds, meeting new guests and welcoming back old friends.   

As we go through the steps of wrapping up our tenure at the Inn, we are confident our loyal guests will continue to patronize Lancaster County’s Apple Bin Inn with Traveladvisor’s© 5 Star rating.   We hope those who have not been here before will check out the Southern end of Lancaster County and see everything it has to offer.  We learned a lot and are genuinely blessed.  The new and fifth owner/innkeepers will be adding their knowledge to the 1860’s home which has been operating as a B&B for over 35 years.  We will be sending one final message before we leave in a week or so to introduce our successors.  But for now, we just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your visits and will cherish the memories you gave us while we were here as your hosts.   Now it is time for a new chapter.  With every best wish, Karen and Tom