Spring is here and so are we!

Well, this is our first blog post. I hope we get better at it as we go along. Just know we are here and excited to start this new adventure and hope you will come join us along the way. 

Its been an exciting month and some things have gone great and some still need a bit of work. We love it here and have so much fun exploring the area, meeting new neighbors and settling in. We have the place well in hand and are ready to accept stays for whenever you would like to stop by. Our rooms are as clean as ever and fully sanitized per current regulations awaiting your arrival.

Come check us out and see what is different and what we’ve kept the same. When we acquired the Apple Bin our goal was to keep many things just the same. We know how important tradition is and want to continue many of those into the future. If you have favorite memories of staying here or would like to make suggestions of things you think would make staying even better, we would love to hear from you. Pleasing guests and exceeding expectations is our primary goal. 

Today I spent the day today doing some yard cleanup from the wild winter we just went through. We are still working on getting a lawnmower, but the yard is starting to wake up and remind us of those warm summer days just around the corner. The daffodils just started blooming just a couple days ago. I was appreciating them this morning as they poked their sunny faces toward sky. As I was gazing at those daffodils I realized why I appreciate them so much. They are always some of the first flowers to get up and say hello to spring. Always so eager to welcome spring and show us their sunny happy faces even in the face of the occasional lingering winter weather. So, come help our little daffodils welcome spring back to Amish country. Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day!