New Beginnings – Reborn

Today marks the beginning of a new month.  This new month features a few significant changes at the Apple Bin Inn.  First, the McIntosh Room is now offering a larger bed.  That’s right!  The quaint red wooden full size bed has been replaced.   Tom did his magic and built a platform bed that supports an “oh so comfy” queen size mattress.  Add some new bedding and some fluffy new pillows and you are all set for the best sleep of your life.  The second change to the McIntosh Room… it is now available as a “pet-friendly” room.  We took advantage of the opportunity since we needed to change the floor covering and “poof” now there is space for Fido if he needs to come along.  Just be sure we know in advance of your arrival so we are able to properly prepare the room just for you and your canine.  And for guests who don’t  bring  Fido along…no worries…you might like to keep cozy with your own in-room fireplace. 

 McIntosh April 2016

The next big change to the Inn is the guest entrance.  The entry through the kitchen brought to mind the familiarity of visiting family, but let’s face it…the screen door and small space allowed to climb in the door is a bit cumbersome as well as it being awkward maneuvering between the refrigerator and cabinets with luggage.  And then there is the step from the kitchen to the dining room that might catch you off guard…don’t trip.   The new and improved entrance allows you to come directly from the parking lot onto a short walkway before the open space patio leading directly into the dining room.  When the weather is nice you might even enjoy breakfast on the patio watching the variety of song birds that frequent our selection of feeders. 

New Entry Apr 2016

The gardens are in the very beginnings of shaping up and on their way to include many native plants that will encourage hummingbirds, butterflies and honeybees.  As the days get warmer and the sun shines longer, the transformation that will take place will be refreshing and inspiring.  We look forward to visitors watching the progress as the Apple Bin Inn is reborn.