Often guests that visit the Apple Bin Inn are new to Lancaster County and you know what they say, first impressions count.  They may be new to a bed and breakfast experience as well.  We thought it might be a good idea to fill newbies (and maybe some returning guests) into a few things about the area and our Inn.  First time visitors’ impressions are very important to us.  Being prepared with information and advice helps folks to relax and enjoy their trip.  We know quite a few travelers like to do things spur of the moment.  Perhaps, suddenly they may have day(s) off and want to go to the country (Lancaster County) and explore.  What a fantastic idea!  This is one of the best places in the country, or in the world for that matter, to experience unique cultures, food, countryside, art, theater, and a variety of activities both exciting and relaxing.  With just a little planning, even at the last minute, it will be beneficial in spending your spare time efficiently.


Let’s clear up a few of the NOTs.   Lancaster County is not just a small town with a hefty Amish population.   Restaurants are not all buffets.  Genuine B&Bs are not just a spare room or a spare bed in somebody’s house or rental property.  When misconception and hear-say replace informative advice and research; disappointment sets in and an adventure turns into confusion.  One of the biggest considerations folks seem to overlook is visiting on a Sunday or Monday.  While the rest of the world might stay busy everyday of the week, things seem to slow down a bit in Lancaster County on Sunday.  Don’t get us wrong, everything does not close up shop for the Lord’s day.  BUT…many area attractions do take a break on Sunday.  You may want to check out the places you are most interested in and their hours of operation before making your plans.  If the planned visit is for Saturday and Sunday including Kitchen Kettle Village and outlet shopping, be sure to visit Kitchen Kettle Village on Saturday.  They will not be available on Sunday but the outlets will.  Restaurants and antique shops take breaks as well, maybe not on Sunday, typically Monday.


Now for the best part, what we ARE.  Lancaster County became part of William Penn’s 1681 charter.  The first deed was issued in 1691.  Historically, there is no evidence of Europeans settled in Lancaster County before 1710.  The fertile soil and climate were occupied by indigenous people of Shawnee, Susquehannock, Gawanese, Lenape/Delaware cultures for thousands of years.  With all of this in mind, you can be sure to find significant historical venues to visit leading up to the present including petroglyphs.  By selecting the Local Attractions tab on our website, you will discover the variety of opportunities to fill the pages for a robust itinerary including restaurants, nature, Amish attractions, and so much more.  Keep in mind; this is only a taste of plethora of possibilities.  Once you arrive at the Inn, there is even more information.  The Local Attractions page will help you to understand the extensive options that are available for advanced planning.  We would be happy to lend advice to guide you through your adventure around Lancaster County. 


Bed & Breakfasts or Inns have been existed since the 18th century in America.  A B&B is typically a lodging establishment where the innkeepers/owners live on site.  Your breakfast is prepared by and your room is serviced by… the innkeepers/owners. Guests are accommodated in private bedrooms with private bathrooms (en suite).  Let’s not forget the extras…free parking, free internet, free snacks, free breakfast, etc. Most B&Bs are unique in themselves and the B&Bs in Lancaster County offer a variety of accommodation configurations. The B&B community is much different than hotel or motel lodging.  Many visitors have expressed the journey as “visiting family”.  Innkeepers are truly present and eager to make your visit pleasant.  Personalized service, flexibility, and the desire to communicate with visitors to create a memorable event, making a bed and breakfast stay a stress-free and relaxed experience.  Allow us to help you create your “First Impressions” of Lancaster County and a genuine B&B experience.