About the Innkeepers

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We invite you to be our guests at the Apple Bin Inn

Karen and Tom Simpson originally hail from the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania. With long ancestral ties to the anthracite coal region for which Northeast Pennsylvania is known, their working class families instilled in each of them a strong sense of commitment to hard work, family, and community. So when Karen and Tom began spending a lot more time in Lancaster County beginning in 2008, they recognized that although the cultural differences existed between the two regions of Pennsylvania, that same sense of commitment to hard work, family, and community persisted amongst Lancastrians. They were instantly drawn to the many opportunities for recreation in the area, and Karen and Tom felt at home among the warmth and hospitality of the people of Lancaster County.

Karen and Tom have four adult children: Jessica (with our three grandchildren) of Washington Boro, PA, Megan of Hazleton, PA, Ronald of Scranton, PA, and Kathleen of Newport Beach, CA. Since their children began building families and pursuing careers, the couple moved to the Lancaster area in 2009 and began their search for the perfect opportunity to begin their next adventure.

Karen and Tom pursued a variety of passions throughout the years, and each of their experiences has been valuable in helping them to realize their dream of becoming innkeepers. Tom’s background in general contracting and maintenance management ensures that the Apple Bin Inn is a warm and comfortable place for guests to enjoy their stay. His love of fly fishing, experience as a guide, and knowledge of outdoor recreation activities help guests to realize the vast nature-related resources in the area.

Karen, an accountant and financial analyst by training and work history, is most passionate about event planning and yoga. An independent registered yoga teacher, Karen loves that her students find peace, relaxation, and strength in her classes. In planning weddings and other special events, she is meticulous in the details. Always focused on the “total experience,” guests of the Apple Bin Inn will find her attention to the small things make all the difference in their stay. From her preparation of your cozy room to the care of your scrumptious meal, Karen is delighted to host new and returning guests. Whether it is to provide a relaxing and peaceful environment or to share stories or to highlight some of the many treasures Lancaster has to offer, Karen and Tom look forward to making space for their guests’ to stay at the Apple Bin Inn of Willow Street, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a pleasant and memorable visit.